Teaching Strategies Workshop

In March 2019, Danielle developed and facilitated a professional development workshop for teen work-study volunteers who assist and support teaching artists within the Gallery/ Studio Program at the Brooklyn Museum. This training shared classroom management strategies in relation to child development stages, while emphasizing ways to build community and deconstruct the teacher-student hierarchy. This workshop is apart of Danielle’s Fellowship Teaching Research Project, which focuses on mentorship, professional development, and community building for youth.


The Art of Getting into Art School Workshop

In continuation of Danielle’s Teaching Research Project at the Brooklyn Museum, Danielle held a workshop for teens on art school admissions in April 2019. This workshop came from gathering feedback from work-study students in the Gallery/Studio Program on their interests and career goals. From a survey Danielle administered, most of the work-study students responded saying that they have an interest in continuing a career in the arts after high school. In spirit of action research, Danielle created a professional development workshop focused on helping students achieve their goals of attending art school. Using her experience from working for Tyler School of Art’s Office of Admissions, Danielle designed an interactive presentation that presented tools on portfolio development, resume writing, artist statements, and more. Danielle also complied admissions requirements from the top art schools in the country, and shared this information with students. Danielle’s Teaching Research Project focuses on professional development, mentorship, and community building for youth.